Friday, August 23, 2013

Exciting Projects and Construction Safety

-In addition to some small improvement projects, St. James Collegiate is undergoing three major exciting upgrades:  a brand new physics lab, accessibility upgrades including a new entrance and elevator, and a new track and athletic field.

-Staff, students and community need to take care to avoid construction areas at the school including the back field which is being re-leveled for a new field and track.

-Extra caution should be used when entering parking lots, as these areas will have additional traffic of large earth-moving trucks and machinery.

-The provincial accessibility upgrade to St. James Collegiate will continue into the school year.  The back exit to the staff parking lot (between the office and the cafeteria) will not be used and will serve an an emergency exit only until further notice.

-While school is in session all construction workers having access to the building will have clear identification tags.  All workers will follow all school safety rules including procedures for fire drills.

-Students and staff will be briefed of additional procedures at school start up.